We are launching the first video of a series that seek to highlight PEFA success stories from countries around the globe. In this video government officials from eight countries describe how they used the results of PEFA assessments as an input to the development and implementation of public financial management reform programs. The countries included in the video are Brazil (Santa Catarina State), Cambodia, Costa Rica, Liberia, Morocco, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, and Timor-Leste.
In the video government officials explain the rationale for undergoing a PEFA assessment, the key findings of the assessment, and how the findings influenced the design of a reform program. At the end of the video the government officials share the main lessons learned from the process and provide advice on how others can make use of PEFA in designing and implementing country specific reform programs.
The PEFA Secretariat would like to thank the following government officials who contributed for the purpose of this video:

  • Ms. Graziela Meincheim, Accountancy Director, Department of Treasury, Santa Catarina State, Brazil
  • Mr. Vinel Yeth, Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Cambodia
  • Ms. Martha Cubillo Jiménez, National Treasurer, Ministry of Finance, Costa Rica
  • Mr. Herbert Soper, Financial Management Specialist at the PFM Reforms Coordination, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, Liberia
  • Mr. Aziz Khayati, Head of Division of Budget Execution, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Morocco
  • Mr. Kewal Prasad Bhandari, Joint Financial Comptroller, Ministry of Finance, Nepal
  • Dr. Ken Ngangan, Secretary for Finance, Papua New Guinea
  • Mr. Januario da Gama, Director-General of State Finance, Ministry of Finance, Timor-Leste

The Secretariat has been actively looking for stories from countries that have successfully used PEFA as a key input to their public financial management reform initiative at both national and subnational levels. If you would like to share your story, please send us an email to services@pefa.org and we will be happy to work with you in describing your lessons learned in using PEFA to guide your PFM reform process.