Other Guidance

Aligning PEFA 2015 Testing Version with PEFA 2016

With the release of the upgraded PEFA Framework on February 1, 2016, users of the Testing Version will need to decide whether to refine their…


PEFA 2016: 10 Things You Need to Know

In this brochure we highlight the ten key features of PEFA 2016.


PEFA 2016 in Brief

For those who are new to PEFA or simply want an overview of the key elements of PEFA 2016, the PEFA Secretariat has produced the following…

Other Publications

Strengthening Public Financial Management: Exploring Drivers and Effects

This World Bank paper explores two relationships, first between country characteristics and the quality of public financial management ('drivers…

Other Publications

Working Paper No. 124 | PEFA Methodology and Subnational Governments: Lessons Learned by AFD

This study aimed to draw broad lessons from assessments rolled out in the context of the PEFA initiative, launched in December 2001 as a…

Other Publications

Pacific Islands: PFM Design under Capacity Constraints

This note was intended to inform Public Financial Management (PFM) reform in small Pacific Island Countries (PICs). PFM systems in PIC contexts…